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ANCIENT - Back To The Land Of The Dead - Vinyl 2-LP

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Format: Vinyl 2-LP
Label: Soulseller Records
Jahr: 2016

LP 1:

A 1. Land Of The Dead 4:07
A 2. Beyond The Blood Moon 3:42
A 3. The Sempiternal Haze 4:25
B 4. The Empyrean Sword 5:45
B 5. The Ancient Disarray 5:45
B 6. Occlude The Gates 5:22

LP 2:
A 1. Part I Defiance And Rage 5:13
A 2. Part II The Prodigal Years 0:45
A 3. Part III The Awakening 4:47
A 4. Death Will Die 5:34
B 5. The Spiral 6:19
B 6. Petriefied By Their End 9:27
B 7. 13 Candles 4:19

Band: Ancient
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