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FLESHCRAWL - As Blood Rains From The Sky... We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire - Vinyl-LP rot weiß marbled

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Format: Vinyl-LP, rot weißes marbled Vinyl, limitiert auf 200 Exemplare
Label: Metal Blade Records
EAN: 039841429534
Jahr: 2020 (Re-release)

1. March Of The Dead (Intro) 2:01  
2. Path Of Endless Fire 1:51
3. Under The Banner Of Death 3:27
4. As Blood Rains From The Sky 3:15
5. Embraced By Evil 3:29
6. The Dark Side Of My Soul 4:31
7. Swords Of Darkness 3:25  
8. Impure Massacre Of Bloody Souls 3:56
9. Creation Of Wrath 3:40
10. Graves Of The Tortured 3:40
11. Feed The Demon's Heart 5:22
12. The Day Man Lost 1:15

Band: Fleshcrawl
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