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KREATOR - London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse - Vinyl 2-LP

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Format: Vinyl 2-LP, in Gatefold
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Jahr: 2020

LP 1:

Seite A
1. The Four Horsemen / Choir of the Damned  
2. Enemy of God  
3. Hail to the Hordes  
4. Awakening of the Gods  
5. People of the Lie  
Seite B
6. Gods of Violence  
7. Satan Is Real  
8. Mars Mantra  
9. Phantom Antichrist

LP 2:
Seite A
1. Fallen Brother  
2. Flag of Hate  
3. Phobia  
4. Hordes of Chaos  
Seite B
5. The Patriarch  
6. Violent Revolution  
7. Pleasure to Kill  
8. Apocalypticon

Band: Kreator
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