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LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Slaves Of The Shadow Realm - Ltd. Mediabook CD + DVD

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EAN: 840588120093

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Format: Limited Mediabook, CD, incl. 2 Bonustracks, incl. DVD
Label: Napalm Records
EAN: 840588120093
Jahr: 2019


1. The Widows Breed  
2. Nocturnal Commando  
3. Charnel Confession  
4. Slaves of the Southern Cross  
5. Warhounds of Hades  
6. Black Banners in Flames  
7. Shadow Realm of the Demonic Mind  
8. Palace of Sin  
9. Priest Hunt  
10. Azazel's Crown  
11. Dark Coronation / Outro

1. Legion of the Damned (live)  
2. Diabolist (live)  
3. Taste of the Whip (live)  
4. Night of the Sabbath (live)  
5. Legion of the Damned (live)  
6. Sharpnel Rain (live)  
7. Cult of the Dead (live)  
8. LOTD (live)  
9. Mountain Wolves (live)  
10. Night of the Sabbath (live)  
11. Legion of the Damned (live)  
12. Sharpnel Rain (live)  
13. Cult of the Dead (live)  
14. Death's Head March (live)  
15. Killzone (live)  
16. Pray and Suffer (live)  
17. Hand of Darkness (live)  
18. Son of the Jackal (live)  
19. Legion of the Damned (live)  
20. Death's Head March (live)  
21. Bleed for me (live)  
22. Pray and Suffer (live)

Band: Legion Of The Damned
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