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METAL CHURCH - From The Vault - Vinyl 2-LP

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Format: Vinyl 2-LP, schwarzes Vinyl, in Gatefold
Label: Reaper Entertainment
EAN: 840588132577
Jahr: 2020

LP 1:
Seite A
1. Dead on the Vine
2. For No Reason
3. Conductor
4. Above the Madness
Seite B
5. Mind Thief
6. Tell Lie Vision
7. False Flag
8. Insta Mental
9. 432hz

LP 2:
Seite A
1. Please Don?t Judas Me (Nazareth Cover)
2. Green Eyed Lady (Sugarloaf Cover)
3. Black Betty (Ram Jam Cover)
Seite B
4. Fake Healer (feat. Todd La Torre of Queensryche)
5. Badlands (2015 Version)
6. The Enemy Mind
7. The Coward

Band: Metal Church
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