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NIGHTWISH - Decades: Live In Buenos Aires - Blu-Ray Disc

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Format: Blu-Ray Disc
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
EAN: 727361489700
Jahr: 2019


1. Swanheart  
2. End of All Hope  
3. Wish I Had an Angel  
4. 10th Man Down  
5. Come Cover Me  
6. Gethsemane  
7. Élan  
8. Sacrament of Wilderness  
9. Deep Silent Complete  
10. Dead Boy?s Poem  
11. Elvenjig  
12. Elvenpath  
13. I Want My Tears Back  
14. Amaranth  
15. The Carpenter  
16. The Kinslayer  
17. Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean  
18. Nemo  
19. Slaying the Dreamer  
20. The Greatest Show on Earth  
21. Ghost Love Score

Band: Nightwish
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